1 Pour STARDUST Super Absorbent™ in front of the spill (NOT directly onto the spill) partially surrounding it. If the spill is flowing pour STARDUST in front of the flow, creating a dam. The amount of STARDUST used will depend upon the amount and viscosity of the liquid spilled.

2 With a stiff-bristled broom, push STARDUST onto the surface of the spill. Then, using a firm swirling circular motion, with the broom’s bristles perpendicular to the surface, mix STARDUST into the spill until the liquid is absorbed. If you did not use enough product, and it becomes saturated before the spill is completely absorbed, reapply STARDUST to the spill area and repeat step two. You will be amazed as the spill disappears, and the area is left completely clean and dry.

NOTE: The special design of the STARDUST Broom Head, with firm, widely-spaced bristles, assures the best results.

3 When the spill is absorbed, remove the STARDUST with a dustpan and broom. Remember that used product must be disposed according to all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations for the substance that was absorbed. Also, for your safety, only properly trained and equipped personnel should respond to hazardous waste spills.


  • When picking up liquids that stain, such as paint, STARDUST will leave the spill area clean and dry. However, if the surface was porous, the liquid may get trapped in the pores and leave a stain. If this happens, simply spray our STARPOWER Super Cleaner/Degreaser™ (or another appropriate liquefier) onto the area and work it into the surface with a scrub pad or the broom. That will loosen the trapped material and turn the stain into a liquid that will be immediately absorbed by STARDUST. Repeat, if necessary.
  • If the spill is of a heavy viscosity (such as axle grease or gear oil), using a high-speed swirling motion like that of a floor buffer, while exerting extra pressure on the STARDUST Broom Head, start at the edge of the spill and gradually work your way across it. This will allow you to “shave” the spilled substance down to the surface on which it spilled, moving across the spill inch-by inch, and thereby permitting STARDUST to completely absorb it.