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Water-based, not solvent-based. Non-toxic, biodegradable. Truly “all purpose”. Dilutable concentrate. Eliminates need for stocking multiple specialized cleaners because it cleans all types of petroleum products, old oil stains, greasy engines, engine parts, autos, trucks, busses, trains, oil storage tanks, oil rigs, machinery, food processing equipment, blood, cooking exhaust hoods, sinks, tile, mildew, carbon black, soot, printer’s ink, floor wax, and greasy floors. STARPOWER even removes hard water deposits, rust stains, paint and graffiti. Use in any type of facility. USDA approved for use in food processing facilities. Leaves surfaces absolutely clean and free of residue. Outperforms better known products. Contains no surfactants or emulsifiers, so it can be used in areas where the runoff from its cleaning and degreasing is captured by oil-water separators; it won’t defeat the units’ separation process.

Available in the following sizes:

1-Gallon Bottle

Product Number: D312CS (case of 4 bottles)

Stunning video HERE


 55-Gallon Drum

Product Number: D355SP

Powerful—Safe—“Green”Truly all-purpose. Stunning video HERE


32-oz Empty Sprayer Bottle (Case of 12)

Product Number: D506CS

Properly dilute and deploy STARPOWER for quick access throughout your facility. Calibration marks for accurate dilution.